Hello There! I'm George

Front End Developer Specializing in Wordpress


What Can I Do?

PSD to Wordpress

Every week I turn Photoshop designs - PSD's - into fully functional, sometimes quite impressive, Wordpress Themes.

Technical SEO

SEO is dead. Long live SEO! Search Engine Optimization is an art and a science that changes literally every week. I keep up with industry news on best practices and build every website with those in mind.

UX - User Experience

Web development and SEO are closely tied to user Experience. And while this is a discipline all to itself, I always endeavor to keep the user in mind. That includes site owners as much as site visitors.

The Skillz






Exactly who is George?

... wow. That's kind of a heavy question for a Sunday. Why not just check out my About.me page or troll around on my Facebook?

I guess I could tell you that I am a front-end developer at 724Factory.

Besides that sweet gig I'm also a dad, an incredibly un-talented amateur photgrapher, I get way too excited about typography, I'm a sucker for a good color palette, I sometimes giggle like a kindergartener when I come a cross a new CSS3 feature or find a new quirky Jquery plugin. I have also recently made my first couple of Wordpress plugins, so that's cool.

That'll have to do for now, thanks for asking though. You can read my latest tweets if you're in to that.

geekbabyclothes.com screenshot


Custom design includes font selection and color palette. Modified a simple responsive grid layout and added custom fields for super easy conversions via obvious CTA's. Personal side project since October 2012. Google "Geek Baby Clothes" and see where it comes up. It bounces around the top 5 organic usually up against big players like ThinkGeek and CafePress.

robot onesie on a baby

Cartoon Robot

I commissioned this robot design to capitalize on the success of GeekBabyClothes.com by offering an original item for a higher sales fee than the 6 percent I get from referring Amazon items.


Home Snowscape

It snows so rarely here that we get very excited when it does. I took this with an iPhone 4 December 2012 in my back yard.

nerdymugs.com screenshot


Another in my geek themed affiliate sites. Like GBC this site's custom design includes font selection and color palette. Modified a simple responsive grid layout and added custom fields for super easy conversions via obvious CTA's.

red retro robot coffee mug

Retro Red Robot Mug

I created this graphic with a combination of Gimp and Inkscape. This design is for sale on several items via Zazzle and featured on NerdyMugs.com

grunge shoe pinterest board

Bootprint in Concrete

I have several boards on pinterest and one of the most popular is my "Grunge in real life" collection. I like to snap pics of real life stuff I come across that reminds me of grunge design. Also, these are easy to convert into textures or brushes in Gimp or Photoshop to add nice grunge touches to other graphic design projects. Also available over at Darklit.net.

harborliving.com screenshot


This site was created by a big city agency totally in Flash right as iPad's were gaining popularity. They needed the site to work on Apple devices so I created this HTML/CSS version and included no flash elements.

Gilmer Texas Vineyard Photo

Vineyard Photo

This small but picturesque vineyard is less than 5 miles from my house. Looks great in the summer time.

grunge kid sign pinterest board

Dirty Warning Sign Photo

Another one from the "Grunge in real life" collection. This was in front of a store on one of those kids rides. Love the grunge.

Summer storm photo outside of Gilmer

Summer Storm

Took this from the shoulder of the highway on my way back home from Longview around July 2013. Pretty impressive summer thunderstorm.

under a bridge photograph

Under the Bridge

See what I did there? Like the song... Anyway, this was taken under the Louisiana boardwalk in Shreveport LA. If you look at the large version you can see that it's actually raining as I took this. It's also available at Darklit.net, another one of my personal web sites.

Robot vs Aztec Mummy still

DevCabin version 1.0

When I first rolled out DevCabin it had quite a different look. Be sure to click the "Show me" link. It's pretty cool, and done 100% with HTML / CSS / JS - no flash.

SantaCruzCadd Los Angeles

SantaCruz CADD

My cousin and friend who is an Architect out in sunny Los Angeles California had me build his website several years ago. This is version 2.0, image rich and fuly responsive.